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For D.O.A coral(s) due to shipping delays via FedEx, UPS or Delta Cargo, we will issue a credit towards your next purchase. Credit can not be applied to shipping fees. There will be no guarantee for pick up orders. Please carefully examine the coral(s) before leaving our store premise.

 1. If there is any D.O.A., you MUST contact us within 2 hours of actual delivery time for first delivery attempts. Anything submitted after the first 2 hours will not be guaranteed, Any delay or exception for first delivery attempt will not be guaranteed. Delay caused by incorrect shipping address provided to us will not be guaranteed.

 2. DO NOT REMOVE ORIGINAL PACKAGING/SEAL. Contact us immediately with clear pictures on arrival of the dead coral.

 3. DO NOT THROW OUT THE CORAL(S) until we give you permission.

 4. You will be asked to provide more pictures under white or blue lights if necessary.

 5. If everything checks out, credit or replacement(s) will be issued on next order.

No refunds or returns will be given. Shipping fees are non-refundable.

Chargebacks for partial or entire order including shipping without contacting us via email are illegal and will be prosecuted for fraud.

If there are any questions regarding the D.O.A. policy, please call us at 718-876-8826 during business hours, email us at or submit your question through the contact us page on the top of this page. Thank you!

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